Wednesday, September 12, 2012

THE END Review

Cam McHarg's short film "The End" is about as pitch black as a black comedy can get. The humor is bleak, dark and dry as we watch Barry (Cris D'Annunzio) having the worst day of his life -- literally. Barry's car won't start, so he abandons it throwing the keys to a hobo only to then see the hobo happily drive away. As Barry checks into a dingy hotel room, there's no toilet paper, nothing good on TV, and his attempts at suicide are failing miserably. Now, obviously the reason he's attempting to kill himself isn't over the lack in amenities at this hotel. McHarg introduces us to this man at the end of what must've been a long, depressing trajectory, which opens up this ambitious ten-minute feature to some freedom for the viewer in imaging what must've gone so wrong.

The opening of "The End" is a visual splendor showing us a beautiful universe. Unfortunately for Barry this universe is conspiring against him at every turn. With high production value, a solid performance from D'Annunzio, an interesting and disturbing premise and a sucker punch of an ending, McHarg's "The End" is worth checking out. You can watch his full film here.

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