Monday, January 18, 2010

The Top 18 Films/Comedies Of The Year

It's that time of year. That's right, it's time for my annual list (now lists) of what I consider to be the top films of the year. This year, however, I'm doing things a bit differently. I'm escaping the convention of selecting 10 and overreaching my bounds. Professional critics have already done it, so I figure I can, too.

As hard as I try, I don't end up seeing everything, so, yes, I very well could've missed something. And, please, comment below if you think a better movie needs to be on either of these lists. But, for what I have, what I know, and what I feel is important, here are my lists.

Top 12 Films of the Year:

1. Up in the Air
2. The Hurt Locker
3. Avatar
4. A Serious Man
5. Inglourious Basterds
6. Where the Wild Things Are
7. The Cove
8. A Single Man
9. Fantastic Mr. Fox
10. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
11. Up
12. District 9

I think this year especially lends itself to a separate category for the best comedies as a wide array of movies need some recognition here whether it's a romantic-comedy, a horror-comedy, or just a straight-up comedy.

Top 6 Comedies of the Year:

1. Drag Me to Hell
2. Adventureland
3. The Hangover
4. (500) Days of Summer
5. Zombieland
6. Whip It

Putting these two lists together makes for a total of 18 films, but don't weight them against or with each other because they're separate entities. Comedies received their own category because it appeared this year action films made it in the ranks among the overall best of the year, examples being "Avatar," "District 9," and "The Hurt Locker."

So, there you have it. Take it for what it's worth. And, again, please feel free to comment below, and tell me your own personal selections.

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  1. loved up in the air and inglourious basterds. hated drag me to hell though.