Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Split For Director And Best Picture?

Director James Cameron poses with his current wife and the ex.

Kathryn Bigelow accepted the Directors Guild Award last night with very enthusiastic responses, even from her ex-husband, Cameron.

It's safe to say now that Bigelow is a lock for Best Director at the Academy Awards, and a good thing, too. She truly deserves it, and it's about time a woman director got some recognition.

Where does this leave "Avatar" and Cameron in the running?

Well, it is looking quite possible now that while Bigelow will be walking away with Best Director, "Avatar" could still swoop in with winning the likes of Best Editing, and, yes, Best Picture.

It could be that this is one of those years where the director who wins didn't necessarily direct the movie to win the top prize.

Stay tuned this Tuesday for my summary and analysis of the nominations for the 82nd Annual Academy Awards!

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