Wednesday, June 16, 2010

EIFF Premiere: "Fog" (2009)

In "Fog," the main character, Wai (Terence Yin), confronts his ex-girlfriend, a woman who he doesn't remember. His problem? He is currently in treatment for his condition of amnesia. She tells him, "Not everyone can rewind and reset like you."

This phrase is essential to writer and director Kit Hui's film as we follow Wai through his struggle with recovering and coping with his loss of memory. In losing his memory, he moves through life as if a statue only being stimulated by bouts of drinking, smoking, drugs and sex. It's as if he's lost all emotion, as well. A devastating secret of his past, however, triggers the deepest of emotion and sends him on a path to really learn something about his own personal history.

"Fog" is a slow and quiet movie, but understandably so with the main character with whom we're dealing. He himself is a quiet man silenced from a loss of everything he's ever once known in his life as he's now just a mere shadow of this life he once had. In this respect, the film is a fascinating portrait of the enigma and fragility of memory.

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