Thursday, June 17, 2010

EIFF Premiere: "SoulBoy" (2010)

The city of Stroke-on-Trent, just outside larger cities like Manchester, in 1974 when the Northern Soul movement was coming to life among teenagers is the backdrop of Shimmy Marcus' "SoulBoy," a surefire feel-good movie that bursts from the screen with energy.

The film captures the soul movement wonderfully displaying a culture like we might as well be living it. Fitting then that the absolute best scenes are the ones on the dance floor most notably a clever dance-off scene. It all takes place in the Casino Club based off the real-life Wigan Club.

It's a sort of fast-forwarded coming-of-age tale of Joe (Marton Compston) who gets swooped into this hip movement because he desires to capture the attention of a girl named Jane. Of course, though, is the close friend, Mandy (Felicity Jones), who Joe unintentionally looks right past when her desires are toward him. It may sound a little all too familiar, but the pizazz and charisma exuding from the lead makes it friendly territory you won't mind treading over again.

In a sideways fashion watching "SoulBoy" reminded me of Drew Barrymore's "Whip It" perhaps in the way the unique dancing can be related to roller derby. A stretch maybe, but the idea of a character finding themselves through working at a hobby strikes me, and Ellen Page's character came to mind with her attempt echoing that of Joe's.

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