Thursday, June 17, 2010

EIFF Premiere: "Outcast" (2009)

There is not much to say about this attempt at a horror movie. "Outcast" has unintentional laughs of the worst kind most of which are unfortunately created from a performance by Kate Dickie of Andrea Arnold's "Red Road." She plays the worst overprotective mother you may ever come across and also some sort of witch. The film has supernatural elements that are rooted in Celtic myth that start off intriguing but then spiral into absurdity and self-serious garbage.

There's also a page taken out of the "Twilight" series with a forbidden teenage love where sexual desire is something that must be avoided. A steamy session in the pouring rain within the safety of a rusty unfinished industrial building? Accounted for.

A mysterious and shadowed beast slaughters victims one by one, too, which is all fine and well until the beast gets fully revealed. Low budget, sure, but the rest of the schlock just made this an added bonus of bad. No flashy cinematography could have saved this mess where blood spills like rain, the scares are absent and there's an offensive portrayal of a mentally handicapped person to boot.

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